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Research Data Netherlands is a national coalition of data archives with a mission to promote long-term archiving and reuse of research data. The coalition was founded in 2013 by 4TU.Centre for Research Data and Data Archiving and Networked Services (DANS) and was joined by SURFsara in September 2014. 

RDNL is made up of organizations that primarily perform back-office and technical basic infrastructure functions and comply with the CoreTrustSeal guidelines. The coalition is open to other organizations who are committed to data stewardship and meet these requirements, or who are willing to comply within a set period. 

A unified back-office

The mission of Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) is to promote sustainable access to and responsible reuse of scientific research data in all stages of research. To this end, RDNL exchanges knowledge and provides services in the field of data management and long-term data preservation . In the near future, RDNL also intends to offer services in the field of software sustainability. 

The partners in Research Data Netherlands aim to fulfil a back-office function in the process of data curation: in other words to ensure that the research data delivered to them is permanently archived. The so-called front offices (university libraries, for example) deal directly with researchers and can advise them in ensuring that research data is accommodated in one of the archives. This means that the research data is permanently accessible and available for reuse.

Combining the knowledge, skills and objectives of the partners within Research Data Netherlands creates a powerful back-office that can serve the front-offices efficiently. The front-offices and other parties, for example providers of technical infrastructure, benefit from a national expertise centre that can be accessed from a single point of contact: your partner in research data curation

Quality hallmark essential

The data archives associated with Research Data Netherlands all have a CoreTrustSeal or a comparable quality hallmark as a minimum. This quality standard is further testament to the shared mission of the participating parties and the coalition as a whole: promoting long-term archiving and the reuse of research data.

Privacy statement RDNL

Research Data Netherlands (RDNL) believes your privacy is important. This privacy statement tells you which data RDNL collects, how these are processed and for what purpose. 

More information

Contact us

If you are a front-office or other party and would like to work together with the Research Data Netherlands coalition, please do not hesitate to contact us for further information.